^_^ This is NOT Load Central Main ^_^

NOTICE TO PUBLIC: I don’t have any AGENTS roaming around (anywhere in the Philippines, especially here in Dasmarinas, Cavite), selling/recruiting retailers or any sort of mediating activities (i.e LOAD WALLET REPLENISHMENT) for me or in my behalf WITH PAY. I solely contact my retailers via text or email, other than that, I have no paid agents to do my chores and transact with my retailers neither do head hunting for me. For those who want to REGISTER to loadcentral, kindly contact ME, me alone and no other person using my name. I do indicate my contact gateways n every post I make so that there will be no hassle if I ever changed my number or where to get in touch with me.

And I want to make it clear that I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE MAIN OFFICE OF LOADCENTRAL, I don’t have any ACCESS to other accounts other than my RETAILERS LISTED UNDER MY GROUP. However, I do assist people who post their problems here n my page and my blog to the extent of only suggesting/giving them options on how to deal with their problems, whom to contact regarding their concerns and what to do on their current situations. Helping others is always my pleasure and rest assured that if you decided to register under my group or transfer under me, I will help you in every way I can to start your loading business and assist you further in every sort of problems you encounter with loadcentral.

Be SMART, Stay INFORMED and keep your PRECAUTIONS high. ^_^ 


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