Don’t Let the Past Haunt your Present

Yes we may say that EDSA revo was all in the past and that we shouldn’t be worried about the past because what’s important is today. But I say to you,  EDSA revo was just a pinch of the past and the battle for human right is REAL so as wars happening in other countries up to this day.  Though it may be a pinch of the past,  remember that small wounds hurts the most than large ones.  So may it remain in a small space in our hearts today and everytime we are to choose our leader.  May we always remember how essential it is to evaluate first and take the lesser evil among all choices.  Remember that your precious 30 mins of voting means a couple of years of continuous battle for human rights or ends our better lives for the years to come. 

Choose wise,  think thrice and make a better decision.  #MabuhayAngKalayaan


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