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smart load para sa pokemon go



1. Go to the Play Store
2. Click “My Account”
3. Click “Enable Smart Communications billing” under Payment methods
4. Google will verify your account while Smart validates your mobile number
5. Enter any Philippine billing address details, “Save” and “Accept” once completed
6. Smart will appear as your default payment method on Google Play.

googleplay-inapps2-03112015HOW TO BUY IN-APP ITEMS
1. Open your preferred app.
2. Go to the store for in-game items or in-app purchases.
3. Choose your preferred denomination for the in-app purchase.
4. Click “Buy”.
5. Enter your Google password.
6. Click “Confirm”.
7. Payment will be verified and you will receive an SMS of the successful purchase .


1. Open Google Play.
2. Click on the App you wish to purchase.
3. Click “Buy” to purchase the App using Smart Direct Carrier Billing. (Payment will be charged to your Smart Prepaid Load or Postpaid Line.)
4. Enter your Google password.
5. You will be prompted if your App purchase is successful.

For more details, visit SMART

And for Load Central Inquiries, visit my Load Central Pinky Facebook Page



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