LC Pinky Weekend Warrior Schedule

Greetings everyone… I’ll be out this afternoon ’till Sunday. So please be guided by the following:

– send it to
– write/attach your deposit details and don’t forget to include your registered name and number for proper identification.
– As much as possible send your last request until
friday 3pm
saturday 11am
(para kapag wala pa after an hour, you may email back for followup)
– cc: to

that would be all! thanks! and if you have other concerns about retailership registration, just email/pm me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Keep safe everyone lalo na po sa mga affected ng habagat. Happy loading!

– PiNkY-


Pamaskong Pagbati 2017

Merry Christmas and God bless to all 😘 

#SpreadLove #WelcomeJesusInOurLives #BlessedDay #LoadCentralChristmasGreetings 

Pinky Holiday Schedule: October 31-Nov 1, 2016

Please send in all your load wallet request at 

include the following details: 

Name,  Registered number,  date and time of deposit,  Bank code,  Bank and Branch,  Amount
Use smartmoney transfer on Non-working holiday Oct 31-Nov 1,2016  

Acct Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc
Acct No: 5577-5113-2164-6117
– with transaction fee
– 24/7 service (open during holiday)

Holiday Advisory: Oct 31 and Nov 1, 2016

Holiday Advisory: 

October 31, 2016 AND November 1, 2016


Normal operation resumes on November 2,2016 Wednesday 9:00am – 5:00pm 
***You may still replenish your load wallet via SMARTMONEY Transfer during holidays.  
Thank you and God bless my dear retailers.