Load Central Webtool 2017 Edition

So excited to share with you our newest and soooo #millennial loadcentral webtool user interface.

1. Load Central 2017 Login Page

I love that it’s now #professional to look and there’s just something in it that I simply really love!

Load Central New Webtool Login User Interface

2. LoadCentral 2017 Webtool Dashboard

#laveet the layout, especially the dedicated telco prepaid loads on top for Smart, Globe, Sun and ABSCBN … it just came easy to access right then and there whenever you need it.


  • Top Right – it’s no longer your username indicated but your registered name.
  • #laveet the new notification if the load is online or offline, so there will be no more reason for you to tell your customer “hindi ko alam eh”, right then and there you’ll see if the load is okay to dispense or not. #NoMoreTrialAndAsaPaMore
  • Reports on the right column – For sure this will be all Computer Shop Favorite especially to those who wants to easily check and see how much they’ve earned within the day and if they are progressing their loading business #superlovefeature

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LoadCentral Webtool Selling Load User Interface 2017

3. Load Central Verification

#ReallyEasy to have your deposit and money transfer verified right inside your webtool! how awesome is that! #laveeeet

Load Central Deposit Verification

4. Load Central Verification – Available bank and money remittances gateways

Everything here and clear!

Just click the bank or money transfer you use and wish your details to get verified. (***I’m still confirming the PayMaya gateway if already functional as of writing this post.. so please just keep posted)

LC deposit Verification

Curious about all the features and benefits of Load Central? Register now and be part of my growing business partners online and offline! “Simpleng kabuhayan para sa bawat mamamayan”  ABSOLUTELY FREE REGISTRATION! 

5. Load Central Verification – Needed details for load wallet verification 

Just enter it like the way we do it!

Enter all the needed details for your load wallet to be verified, but please ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK your DETAILS before hitting SUBMIT button.

load central deposit details

Hope you all are excited just like me to have a fresh look of our dear load central webtool. Now we have more beautiful reasons to register and jump into a business for all that is easy to enter, easy to manage and easy to maintain! REGISTER NOW FOR FREE! and have a happy loading day everyday!

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Meralco Kuryente Load New Locations 2016

Meralco Prepaid Places

Locations available for Meralco Prepaid Kuryente

City of Manila
Portions of:
– Pasig
– San Juan
– Caloocan
– Novaliches
– San Juan del Monte, Bulacan
– General Trias, Cavite
Azure Residences in Paranaque
SMDC Wind in Tagaytay

That’s more earnings and a great reason to register now in Load Central and be a retailer of Meralco Prepaid Kuryente in your community.


PBB Season 7 “Lucky Big Jump” Vote

Pbb lucky season 7 lucky big jump


Send to: 2366

ABS-CBN Mobile is FREE of Charge
Other Network: Php 1.00/text


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FREE Registration
Minimum 200.00 capital for “load wallet”

Cignal Prepaid – Load Central

Here’s a guide on how to buy and use your Cignal Prepaid Plan

  1. Go to your nearest Load Central partner stores or trusted online seller like Pinky
  2. Ask for your preferred prepaid plan amount or any denominations available for sale.
  3. Give your Cignal account number to the seller (the load will be directly loaded to your account number)
  4. Seller will prompt you that it was already loaded to your account together with the transaction details.
  5. Check your Cignal Account to confirm if loaded properly or call your customer service provider to know the status of your account top up purchase from load central. END