Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s sheet)


•    Have access to centralize inventory of various prepaid products.
•    There’s no need to worry about card inventory and card expirations
•    Competitive discount rates
•    No need to large capital. You can even just start with 1000 pesos if you want
•    No monthly quota to meet Can view transaction reports online
•    Can sell products through web or mobile phone (whichever is convenient for you)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet

•    Will LoadCentral issue or sell a retailer SIM?
No, Any mobile number (smart, Talk N’ Text, Globe, Touch Mobile, Sun) can be registered as a Load Central retailer number.Prepaid or Postpaid can be registered so as your old retailer sim from Globe/Smart/Sun

    How can I start selling the LoadCentral way?
You can start selling the LoadCentral way after a LoadCentral dealer registered your mobile number and you agreed to the terms he/she offered.

•    How can I replenish my account?
I strongly suggest my retailers to deposit via Bank to prevent fraud and for a faster verification of their load wallet.

•    Can the same retailer number be registered to two or more dealers?

•    How will I know of new products carried by LoadCentral?
Thru LoadCentral website or via Webtool crawler, IM Broadcast, E-mail from Fleur or SMS.

•    How will I know about the discounts carried by LoadCentral?
This is immediately emailed to you right after your registration.

•    What will happen if I forgot my password?
You should ask your Dealer to request from Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc. for the resetting of your password. Uniwiz will not entertain direct request from you.

•    What happen if my retailer SIM and/or mobile phone are lost or stolen? What happens to my remaining wallet load?
You must immediately notify your dealer so he/she can deactivate or block your mobile number. You must then ask your dealer to register another mobile number as your new retailer SIM. Your dealer will then inform LoadCentral by a written notice (fax or email) and request that the remaining balance in your old registered number be transferred to your new one.

•    How can I get a transaction report?
You can generate your own sales transaction report thru the LoadCentral webtool.

•    How to change your password?
Send CHANGEPW (old password) (new password) and send to a LoadCentral Number

•    What are the LoadCentral Access Numbers (LCANs)?
Use new ACCESS # 09229990214. It’s direct to SUN SMS Center. Use UNLI text to all network para sulit ang transactions/day.

    What to do if I receive a “Invalid password supplied” error when logging in to the webtool?
Please make sure that you entered your 6-digit password which you assigned when you confirmed your registration.

•    What to do if I receive a “user xxxxxxxxx not found” error when logging in to the webtool?
Please make sure that you used 639XXXXXXXXX format of your mobile number for your webtool username.

•    What should I do if the buyer does not receive the product electronic PIN (E-PIN) with his mobile?
You can use the resend function on the webtool. Please be aware that you can only resend the last transaction for your buyer’s mobile number.

•    Can you restrict the IP address where I can access the webtool?
Yes, Currently, all retailers are set to access the webtool from any IP Address. If you wish additional security access, I can restrict your access to the webtool from a particular IP Address.

•    What should I do if I receive a “Sale Transaction not successful. Service that dispenses product may be temporarily unavailable or incorrect Mobile Number Recipient. Please try again later” error after trying to send an electronic load (Eload) to a mobile?
Please make sure that the mobile number is compatible with the Eload product you selected. Use Globe Amax for globe numbers, Touch Mobile Amax for Touch Mobile numbers and Smart Eload for Smart or Talk N’ Text Numbers.

•    How to check load wallet balance via SMS?
Text: BAL_mobile pin
Send to: Load central numbers

Selling a load
o    Via SMS
Retailer types product Code that the buyer (end-user) chose and paid for:
<Product code>space<retailer password>space<mobile number of buyer>
Send to LoadCentral Number
Retailer and Buyer get a confirmation message from Load Central.

o    Via WEBTOOL
Go to and login with your mobile number and password.
Once logged in, you’ll be able to sell prepaid products. Just refer to the description below for better understanding of the fields.
•    Product Code: Select the ordered product of your buyer
•    Mobile No.: enter the mobile number of your buyer so she will receive the prepaid product through his/her machine/mobile phone.
•    Optional Parameter: enter ordered amount if someone orders a Globe Autoloadmax (15-150 or TouchMobile product
•    Quantity: Applicble only to EPINs. If buyer wishes to buy more than 1, you can enter the proper value here. You are highly discourage to do this though because the resend function is only capable of sending the last transaction to your buyer’s mobile number.
•    Sell Product button: click on this to send order

How to buy load credits?

***Buy Load Credits from Load Central***

Account name: Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc.

Bank: MetroBank
Address: Herrera St., Legaspi Village, Makati
Savings Acct: 0553-0555-1760
Note: Deposit charge waived for provincial deposits to this account.

Bank: Banco de Oro
Address: Salcedo Branch 203 Salcedo St. Legaspi Village, Makati
Savings Acct: 253-001-3337
Note: Deposit charge waived for provincial deposits to this account.

Bank: BPI – Bank of the Philippine Islands
Address: G/F Shapter House 2, 906 A. Arnaiz Ave. Makati City
Saving Acct: 09661-014633
Note: Deposit charge waived for provincial deposits to this account.

Smart Money # 5577-5113-2164-6117

Inform the LoadCentral office of your deposit by texting or through their Chat support
Deposit Text Hotline: 0928-508-3355
Chat verification:

Send in your: username_Bank_Bank branch_Date and time of deposit_amount_ bank code

Processing on the average is 1 hour depending on the volume of transactions. Also if the Bank’s system is down which is beyond LoadCentral’s control, it may take a bit longer.

Customer Support Access:
Availbale on the following time schedule:
8:30 am – 11: 00 pm Monday to Friday
9:00 – 11: 00pm Saturday
10:00am – 6:00 pm, Sunday

Telephone numbers:
441-2407 / 441-2414


•    Periodic changing of password is a good practice
•    To lock the webtool:
o    Type: LOCK (password)
o    Send: load central access number
•    To Unlock webtool
o    Type: UNLOCK (password)
o    Send: load central access number