Registration Form

Registration Form

 • Must have valid cellphone number for registration
SEND the following information to to be registered as a LoadCentral Retailer:
1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Middle Initial
4. Age
5. Home Address
6. City
7. Province
9. Business Name10. Business Address
11.Business Number
12.Home Phone Number
13.Mobile Number
14. Birthday
15. Place of Birth
17. ID number (Driver’s License, TIN, SSS, etc.) indicate TYPE of ID and NUMBER
18. Email address
19. Mobile Number to be registered (must be valid)
• When your application request is processed, you will receive the following text message :
You are now a Retailer of 639xxxxxxxxx. Your password is 123456. To change, type- CHANGEPW , send to LoadCentral access #. 

• If you wish to change your password through SMS, create new message and typeCHANGEPWspace<123456>space<NEW PIN> and send it to the following LoadCentral Numbers: 639229990214 

(Please note that your password could be a 6-digit alphanumeric, full alpha or full numeric characters)

• You can also change your password through internet by logging into the LoadCentral webtool.
• Now all you need is to load your retailer wallet and you can start selling prepaid products.

A GENTLE REMINDER: To all those who wants to join/register in load central especially under me, I just want to clarify some things to prevent MISUNDERSTANDING with regards to the true nature of this business.
IDEALLY, you should have an INTERNET CONNECTION/DATA PLAN for a hassle free transactions.
SMS/MOBILE LOADING is OKAY…. -“BUT”-… provided that you should have a STRONG SIGNAL within your loading area, meaning, it does not fluctuate, no interruption, etc. In the event you still wish to pursue loading via SMS/MOBILE, it’s really okay but please don’t nag at me like I am the one causing all the delays. Sugurin niyo po ang NTC, Globe, Smart, etc… kung bakit EPIC ang signal sa PINAS! causing messaging traffic and resulting to delays.
PLEASE READ the FAQ Sheet before pushing with the registration. Print it if you must! this is not a monkey business and in any business, you should always know the roundabouts of the one you’re in.
I WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE ASSISTING YOU (MY RETAILERS) as far as I am allowed to, but with that, I only asks for your patience with the feedback and result of every report you are sending to me.
Hope that clears everything, so please READ before you register. Thank you and God bless everyone.